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21st July 2024 

Children & Young People

Counselling for Children, Young People & Families

Do you feel your child or family could do with some extra support?

Sometimes young people can struggle with how they are feeling. This may be due to issues at school such as problems with friends, relationships at home and they may be feeling anxious, depressed, angry or scared and need to talk to someone. It can be difficult to talk to people they know so a counsellor can help them talk things through in confidence (unless they disclose that their personal safety is at risk).

How counselling can help young people?

Counselling is the most common form of talking therapy. It can help young people deal with issues and events and the effects they are having on their mental wellbeing. Counselling could be recommended for young people who are basically healthy but who are struggling with a mental health disorder such as depression or eating disorders; it can address problems with anxiety, bereavement; bullying, anger, relationships, low self-esteem, and self-harm. A counsellor will help explore the problem, the symptoms and strategies for coping.
I have been working with young people and their families for over 20 years in a variety of settings as well as undertaking therapeutic work. When working with a young person and where ever possible it can be very helpful to involve the other important people in their lives such as their parents or carers. This isn’t always necessary and some young people want sessions to be 'just for them', therefore I offer a flexible approach in partnership with you to work out what is the best way to work through things to achieve a more positive outcome.